about annie hall

Annie Hall is founder of and  She has handled every aspect of communication and business development since she started working.  It is fair to say that over the last 4 decades Annie has spent no less than 40,000 hours bringing people together to the benefit of everyone involved. 

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Annie has a Bachelor of Arts and is a commissioned Logistics Officer with the Canadian Naval Reserve which she undertook during her tenure by traveling and training for certification during summer months. Annie became a Certified Quality Auditor.  She has held both public and private sector positions.

As a volunteer, Annie acted as the Communications Coordinator for the TRB (Transportation Research Board) Committee on International Trade and Transport and Communication Manager for the Great Canadian Flag Project and website coordinator for “Trot with the Troops” in Windsor, Ontario.  Annie canvassed for the United Way and Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Annie has presented many times professionally.  She is the family’s favorite eulogy writer and delivery person!  Annie’s last corporate position was as Executive Reporting/Internal Communications Manager.  Annie developed and delivered many presentations both in and for the executive team of a multi-million dollar organization.

“It is rare to find someone with effective communication and organizational skills at functionally specific levels, who is also strategically minded, able to both see and further develop the “big picture.”  Add to this her in-depth knowledge and use of software applications to drive efficiency and you begin to understand just how much horsepower she possesses.”

-Des G.


Annie Hall has a unique gift of taking complex systems and making the process easy to understand, while achieving seamless implementation. Her hands on approach to training sets her apart from other consulting companies who create systems and transition. I was able to learn and implement a fully integrated SharePoint Hub consisting of 72 sites based off her efficent mentoring in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend Annie for any of your organizational technical needs.

-Kelly P.


There's no other way to put it: my company was struggling to get off the ground. Even though I excelled at what I did, I was not strong in sales, marketing, or business. I needed assistance, and there she was... Our initial meeting resulted in a strong game plan, and I was up and running quickly. I gained knowledge in every aspect of the business, from startup to website design to best business practices. And the clients showed up!

- Jane B.